Engagement Model

The engagement models designed at Allesoft are equipped to deal with a versatile range of needs that a customer might need. These models can even be tailored to meet the requirements of different individuals. Allesoft’s commitment to deliver quality services is evident from the fact that Allesoft strives to raise the benchmarks consistently and metamorphose an engagement model into an optimal mode of high efficiency that allows you to make maximum use of this model.

Allesoft engagement specialists design and customize the engagement models to work in tandem with the client enterprise specifics - from business goals to managing projects as also the HR services. A neatly developed framework propels all the partnership processes, wherein a structured dispensation is able to minimize risks as well as reaping all the benefits resulting from an outsourcing venture. We provide our clients the luxury of skilled and experienced program managers, developers, designers and architects who invest all their skills to define, design, and build their business systems.

  • Fixed Cost and Time Project Model
  • Dedicated Teams Model (DTM)


Our engagement models are designed after taking the clients’ unique business realities and requirements into due consideration.


Our engagement models are suited to projects where there is absolute clarity about the project requirements and specifications. Clients are invited to discuss and define the expected deliverables and timelines for low risk project execution model and work out the mutually agreed fixed price and deadline. Our processes have been customized so as to ensure reliability and peak performance that is timely delivered within the stipulated budget restraints.

There are multiple small scale projects where the scope, schedules and requirements of the project are clearly specified. The total cost and timeline of the development must be agreed upon before the start of the project. Subsequently, we deploy the most suitable development team equipped for the process model as well as technologies and management resources needed to accomplish the project following the guidelines mentioned in the project agreement. Changes that might be needed in the near future as per the changing demands are discussed and quoted separately. The biggest benefit resulting from this model is on time and cost effective completion of projects proving true on clearly pre-defined project specifications and deliverables.

Dedicated Team For Each Model

Allesoft can dedicate an entire team equipped with required infrastructure and resources based on specific needs of client. While offering dedicated team we can implement processes, quality frameworks and methodologies along with trained dedicated experts based on specific needs of clients and in this way our dedicated team works and executes projects as a development center for our client.
The advantages that you get through offshore software development operations is that it allows you significant savings on staff, equipment and technology, giving you the possibility to concentrate more on the business part, in order to reduce risk and gain a better position on the market.

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